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Industry: Technology

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Cool Junk is an India based company that has the vision to revolutionize the world of Electronics and Technology. The company is committed in its goal to create the world’s largest innovation powerhouse for DIY (Do it yourself) learning kits. The website of the company provides a user friendly interface so that all users can easily go through the different components of the website and find answers to all their queries. The company possesses a highly professional staff of Research focused engineers, artists, tinkerers and educationists who are evolving different ways to make this world more at ease with the technology and to find new horizons in the fields of physics, electronics and nuclear energy. The company provides well designed and developed personal learning kits to the interested individuals so that people can start understanding ways to make the use of knowledge of science in a more practical and beneficial way.

Problems and Challenges

There were a number of challenges that Cool Junk faced in the beginning which presented a hurdle in proper functioning of the company. There were some problems that needed to be rectified so that the company could start a smooth ride towards success. These challenges were following:


  1. A professional and attractive website needed to be designed and developed so that targeted audience can be pushed towards the business.
  2. The design of the website needed to be easily understandable with the ability to convey the objective of the company in clear words. This was important as it could have made it easier to build a strong target audience that was parents and students.
  3. A customized payment gateway was needed for safe online payment so that the payment issues could be resolved.
  4. To manage all the orders a customized backend was required.

All these issues needed to be resolved soon and for their solution Cool Junk looked up to “Nybble Tech” that is professionally equipped to cater all these issues.

Why Nybble Tech

Nybble Tech is a rapidly growing company that offers its clients with quality work. The company specializes in web designing, web development, content management system and providing interactive solutions to all problems of its clients. Nybble Tech is focused on driving best results for its clients and gives them competitive advantage in the market.

Following actions were performed by Nybble Tech in order to resolve all the problems that were faced by Cool Junk:

  1. Nybble Tech provided Cool Junk with an elegant and professional design. The theme of the website in rich colors enhanced the outlook of the site which helped them in the growth of their business.
  2. Nybble Tech designed and developed the website in a way that it gave the impression of a shopping cart. This gave an easy passage to the potential buyers to place their orders and go through the checkout procedure.
  3. The third issue was resolved in a way that Nybble Tech created a Payment Gateway solution through “Payu” for Cool Junk. In this way all issues related to the order and payments were resolved.
  4. A user friendly CMS (Content Management System) was developed so that the backend of the website could easily be controlled by the Cool Junk and orders could be easily managed.

Results and accomplishments

Cool Junk took the services of Nybble Tech and got benefitted in many ways. The design of the website was refreshing, attractive and objectivity based. The layout of the design spoke itself of brilliance and proficiency. There was a telling figure that was observed in the number of unique visitors who visited the website and showed their interest in the products of the website as design contained every feature of the website in an eye-catching manner.

After the launch of the website 400 unique visitors per day visited the website. On the other hand the site was developed in an exquisite manner as well by Nybble Tech. A rapid growth was seen in traffic of the website as more new visitors kept on visiting the site, increasing the chances of business growth for Cool Junk as a company. The Payment mode was set through an online payment system “PayU” which helped users in checking out for their orders in an easy and reliable manner and it was no more a problem causing issue for the company. The new CMS on which the website was developed allowed easy editing of the website whenever needed and helped the company in updating their website regularly. This all added to a brilliant and successful growth of the business of Cool Junk and now they are managing everything properly and in a very systematic manner.

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