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Nybble CRM

Industry: Forex

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Nybble CRM is a customer relationship management program launched by the Nybble Tech Company. This is an excellent program for all the organizations who want to keep the growth of their business on track and continue the development process. The importance of this program reaches its maximum potential as it is the only Forex CRM in the industry that provides a number of automated features. Nybble Tech has taken this initiative and transformed this idea into reality to have a customer relationship management system. This is a highly professional tool when it comes to monitoring and keeping record of the Forex leads. This is a completely automated system due to the presence of the IB Program in it. You just need to provide the platform to it and it will do the rest for you in terms of widening the customer base for you.


There are number of different objectives behind the launch of this incredible Customer Relationship Management tool by Nybble Tech. These are mainly following:

  • This is the only Forex CRM system that enables you to connect your Forex leads from your website to your Forex platform directly.
  • One of the reasons why this CRM has built is to present a convenient and systematic way of engaging customers in a more trust worthy manner. For this purpose there are features present for the staff to utilize within this CRM including Demo Accounts, Live Accounts, Auto Trading Accounts and Funding information.
  • The IB program present inside the CRM offers the utility to provide the platform of increasing the customer base and thus leading to the rapid growth of the business.
  • This Forex CRM system gives opportunity to your Sales and Support Team to deal with the customers on a large canvas. It gives them the whole information about the customers as well including their all demographics.
  • The Nybble Tech Forex CRM system is the best solution for the marketing team. It has the ability to launch Bonus Programs and new campaigns automatically which eases lot of the burden of the marketing team.
  • The objectivity of this Forex CRM system is based upon its highly managed programming. It tracks all the elements that are linked with the growth of the business of the company. It also highlights the loopholes in the functioning of the company.
  • This Forex CRM is built to attract new potential investors by showing them the whole data of the growth of the company in a well designed manner in form of graphs and numbers.
  • This Forex CRM will enable the Forex Brokers in getting number of leads from all the potential traders.

Why Nybble Tech CRM


This is not just a CRM system but it is a complete Forex Solution for your business. This Forex CRM is lot more different to some other CRM systems available in the market. It has number of unique features that would not be part of other CRM systems. Internet marketing, connecting your website to your desired Forex platform, SEO, landing pages, Social Media Integration and Branding are some hallmark feature of this profitable Forex CRM which clearly distinguish it in the market. The Nybble Tech CRM provides solutions to all your business problems. This Forex CRM is very much user friendly and easy to operate. It does not take long to get used to its operations as it might take in the CRM of some other company. The design and development of this CRM is fundamentally of great importance. The design of this CRM is specifically created and developed to handle and accommodate all the major aspects of Forex traders. This is an automated system so it saves the time and does most of the things at its own raising the productivity graph of any organization.

Statistics and Achievements

Since its launch, Nybble Tech Forex CRM has been a great success. The professional and High tech design of the Nybble Tech CRM speaks of its volume itself and has gained great figures recognizing the real potential of this CRM. Following are some of the important statistics that are linked with the Nybble Tech CRM success so far:

  1. 150000 plus leads
  2. 10,000 plus live accounts
  3. 100,000 plus demo accounts
  4. $10,00,000 plus deposited
  5. 10,000 plus registered IB’s
  6. 10 plus Forex platform integrated
  7. 2 Registered Forex Clients

These statistical figures show how much efficient this Nybble Tech Forex CRM is. It has proved via these stats that business growth of any brokerage firm can be boosted many folds through this very effective Forex solution.

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