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Industry: E-Commerce

View Website is a virtual boutique that provides online retail services to its clients, dealing in classic and modern jewellery, world class women accessories, classy women handbags, most affordable yet elegant wrist watches and creative digital artworks.

The Excellency of services is their aim, to achieve which, they continually upgrade and present intricate and top notch quality items that are exceptionally sophisticated and unique in their design and matchless with their price.

Assessment and Challenges required a website to take its business to new levels. The major task of our team was to portray the class and elegance, royalty and divinity carried by in its website. Moreover, the website has to be customer friendly. Our highly qualified and experienced team of developers assessed the customer’s requirements and enlisted all the details that needed to be integrated to ensure highly functional web services. We eventually ended up with a highly professional and intricate website that was interactive, friendly and functional.

Why NybbleTech

NybbleTech is a web agency that uses web standards and latest trends and technologies in designing and providing all web solutions to its clients under one roof. Being hired by, we provided them all services as design, development (e-commerce), SEO, social media management and social media marketing etc. along with this, we also offered services of highly professional team to manage and market the company.

WebPage Designing

Designing the web page for was a challenge. Creating a website that is not only user friendly and interactive but completely reflects the class, craftsmanship and elegance contained in their products was a task in itself. Our team aimed at designing such a website that could not only highlight the distinctiveness of the products but also is easy to use and is in complete accessibility of every client.

We started the project by designing wireframes that provided a glimpse of the products and services offered by A complete skeletal framework of the website was provided that would make the understanding and functioning of the website much easier.Our team divided the contents in seven drop down tabs representing a different category of product and services. An interactive website that could be connected from twitter and Facebook was certainly an added advantage in terms of its marketing.


Customer convenience was ensured by offering numerous modes of payments as easy paisa, PayPal, Moneybookers, bank transfers, cash on delivery and debit cards.

Maintenance and Marketing

Our proficient team is working day and night in striving for the excellence of online services offered for We continually update, upgrade and modernize the website making it compatible with the changing trends of IT industry. This way, our client is never left behind in the race of virtual business.


Adding new dimensions to the online business industry, our marketers and sales professionals offered unique and attractive ways to introduce and market our client’s business in the business community. Our SEO specialists took the market of to a topmost level with Google ranking among the highest.


Our marketing team is completely insightful of the changing trends and is working day and night to manage and market the client’s business to their best. Social media marketing, particularly via Facebook, gained thousands of customers which took their business to newer heights. With almost 26000 fans and 500 orders made via Facebook, the social marketing has certainly proved to be a quality one.




Owing to our extensive social media and internet marketing, SEO services, web designs and management and numerous other services, the popularity graph of has grown sharply within few months, and it has achieved new levels of sales like never before. More than 5000 visitors on the webpage, 500 customers and 100 orders placed via its website, has no doubt gained extensive approval among women of every class.

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