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Trading Reports & Economic Calendar


Get Forex updates and reports in a capturing way!


The economic calendar is used by traders for the purpose of tracking occurrence of the most important market-moving events for the major currencies.


It is important that as a trader the economic calendar and trading reports are checked for upcoming economic news, in order to avoid trading at the time when the market is probably going to be volatile and unpredictable.


At identical time, if an intra-day trade is ongoing with a doubtless volatile economic report before long to be declared, a call will be created on whether or not to require the trade out to shield profits or minimize losses.

Nybble Tech offers extraordinary tools for Forex brokers, we develop multiple tools for trading reports and economic calendar such as:

  • FXCM
  • ForexFactory
  • Econoday
  • The trading report as the major Forex trading tool.

We believe that navigating your path through a trading day without using an economic calendar and a trading report, would be similar to attempting to cross a minefield without a mine detector!

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