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Live Quotes And Ticker

We design fully-electronic stock tickers that display market data in real-time!


A stock ticker is a running report of the prices and trading volume of securities traded on the various stock exchanges, which is very relevant for investors to use to stay informed about current market conditions.


A “tick” is any change in price of a security, whether that movement is up or down.


Stock quotes are obtainable live, on stock tickers, and on laptop screens across the globe.


They are most ordinarily examined within the monetary section of a newspaper or another account, but what if all these quotes and tickers are being displayed live on your website?

People will visit your website to look for the current status? Isn’t it good to get loads of traffic on your website? Yes, it is! Nybble Tech offers you the opportunity to design your platform in this manner:

  • We offer customized layout according to your requirements for live quotes of shares that will cater the needs of all businessmen, who want to be always updated with recent trends and news on stock market. The ticker will facilitate them at its best.
  • We offer live quote tickers of varying types and sizes, that take seconds to load due to its light weight.
  • The live quotes and tickers we design will load quickly and are accessible by anyone using browser-enabled devices from desktop PC’s to Smartphones, as they do not need flash or any other plugin to run.

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